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Student Recruitment Agency

Our Student Recruitment Agent provides services focused on helping students find the appropriate school or training institute fitted for their skills. Not only will they gain access to globally competitive institutions, we also make sure that these institutions will help them enhance their skills and develop better understanding in their field. To help them be ready and well equipped for the future.

Student Affair Counsel

Our Student Affair Counsel gives student a sensible and reliable counselling whenever they have issues in terms of pursuing education overseas or have a comprehensive pre-course locally. We make sure that the choices they make are for the best and offer realistic options to help them with the decision making.

Business Consultation

Our Business Consultation shares our expertise in the Education Sector to help renowned institutions be accessible to many aspirants who want to study under their course programs and gain expertise in training courses.
  • Professionals

    Excellent openings for IT, Management and Healthcare Professionals
    Work in Ireland
  • Farmers

    Salary : 10 to 11 CAD per hour
    Location : Ontario
    Work in Canada
  • Cooks

    Salary : 11 CAD per hour
    Location : Nova Scotia
    Air Ticket and accommodation provided
    Work in Canada

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